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Our goal is quite simple. We want to be one of the best family restaurants there is! We know this is ambitious but we believe our location gives us a great head start. We can offer a stunning beach side location where you and your whole family can enjoying stunning sunsets and once we expand and offer our soon to be released breakfast meau, beautiful sun rises.
Our food has been designed to be delicious for all members of your family, no matter how young or how old. We know you want value and that is why our prices are some of the most competitive you will see.

We don’t sacrifice on flavour either, sourcing some of the best Australian produce there is. We don’t sacrifice on quality or flavour yet have maintained what we feel are awesome prices to ensure your hard earned dollars are put to good use.

We have a good selection of wine and beer for the adults and we respect the responsible service of alcohol. If you are in doubt as to whether you have had a bit too much alcohol, we have an industrial strength breathalyser fitted in our restrooms so you can breath test yourself before driving away, or better still, have a designated driver get you home. Thank you to ADTBreathalysers for all your help setting this up.

Lastly we would like to thank Gordon Ramsay for his constant inspiration, you are one of the main reasons we have been able to run our own restaurant. Your inspiration gave us the courage we needed to dive into our own business and we are forever thankful.

Enjoy your dining!

Beth and Mark